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Analysis of Lost Sales Opportunities

Concentrate on where deals are lost – The Pipeliner Archive enables you to take corrective action on a Stage-by-Stage basis.

Archive View

Sales Archive

Sales archive can give you an insightful overview of where any deal was lost – including all details included when the opportunity was in the live pipeline.

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When the Deals Are Lost

With traditional CRM applications, any sales analysis done almost always leaves out one very crucial factor: deals that were lost. This factor is omitted because lost deals cannot be easily accessed and analyzed.

Pipeliner CRM's totally unique Archive feature changes all that. For the first time, you can answer questions such as:

  • At what sales stages are deals commonly failing?
  • Which reps are losing them, and when?
  • What other factors such as price or competition might be involved?

In the Archive, leads and opportunities are arranged exactly as in the active Pipeline View. They contain all information present when they were archived—including documents, emails, notes, social media interactions, tasks, and activities.

Additionally, any lost deals that just happen to come back to life can be restored to the active pipeline with just 1 click.

The Archive is yet another feature that makes Pipeliner the most unique CRM solution on the market today.

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