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Forecasting Sales per Sales Stage

Percentage weighting at each Stage sets expectations for forecasting.

Target Options

Sales Target Options

In Pipeliner, 5 different Target views are available, accessed through a drop-down menu simply by clicking to the upper left of the target itself.

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Probability at Each Stage

Through experience and statistics, you will find that there is an average percentage for each sales stage, of opportunities that will make it all the way through to a close.

For example, you might have isolated that 10% of leads that are initially contacted make it all the way to a close. Therefore the percentage for the “Initial Contact” stage would be 10%--meaning at least 10% of leads contacted should make it to the next stage and beyond.

If the next stage is, let us say, “Demo”, and you have found through research that 40% of those that demo make it through to the following stage, then the percentage for the Demo stage would be 40%, which means that a minimum of 40% of the opportunities in that stage should make it through to the next stage.

These percentages, once you know what they are, can be placed into each stage in Pipeliner. They are clearly displayed at the top of each stage.

These percentages are then taken into account with forecasting. Any forecast generated can take these percentages into account for a more accurate forecast.

For a snapshot forecast, you can simply look at Pipeliner’s Dynamic Target feature, always visible from the main Pipeline View.

If you chose the “Weighted Target” option for the Target feature, the amount shown is based on percentages of closing, based on the Sales Stages the opportunities are in at that time. The Target is a real-time forecast, always up-to-date.

Pipeliner CRM aims to provide the most rapidly accurate forecasting available today.