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Time To Invite Others Into Pipeliner and Get Them Busy With Leads, Opportunities and Tasks

In the Administration Section (available only to those with Admin Rights), you will see that setting up users, assigning rights and inviting them to the system is a very logical step­-by-­step process. It’s a matter of assigning them rights, then inviting them into your Pipeliner space. Next you will see that assigning Opportunities and Leads to them is made very efficient with our Bulk Update tool.

Tasks and activities are a vital part of a sales professional’s job. With Pipeliner tasks and activity creation and management is like everything else­­--totally visual and intuitive. See how Pipeliner CRM helps you organize your tasks, stay focused on what you need to do, and reminds you when you need to do it. You will also see our unique Task Board where each of your tasks is neatly and visually displayed in their stages of completion. You’ll also see how easy it is to create reports from tasks.

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Administration & Setup

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