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The Visual Pipeline is Central To Pipeliner - So Let’s Get It Setup the Way You Want It

It is likely that you have a sales process that your company follows or one that you would like to have everyone follow. Either way, Pipeliner allows you to set up the stages of that process. It further enables you to set activities and actions that your salespeople should take within each stage.

Think of the sales stages as a horizontal process progressing from left to right as an opportunity moves through a sales cycle­. Then, think of the activities and actions that need to be completed at each stage as a vertical process within each stage. This is efficiency at its best.

You can also have multiple processes--for example direct sales, inside sales, customer management or even products.

Once you have set up your pipeline, it will become a source of many instant visual insights--­­such as how opportunities are progressing, their value, and how long they are sitting in a stage. Plus you always have the target in view so you always remain focused on your goals.

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