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Send the right messages at the right time with Most popular features include:
Automation: Personnel and perfectly timed messages; Triggered with an advanced rules engine.
Segmentation: Live segments using profile data or activity to better inform what your message.
User Profiles: See everything someone has done, and interactions with your messages.
Analytics: Measure your success with opens, clicks, and most importantly: conversions.
Design & Personalization: Drag and drop, rich text, raw HTML plus merge data like {{event.purchase_amt}}. Built for Scale: 1,300 customers, 100s of millions of messages, sent reliably every month. Integration with Pipeliner CRM

Business professionals that want to integrate with Pipeliner CRM like that Pipeliner’s native integration gives them the power to sync all data, connect deeply, and configure flexible workflows. With Pipeliner, organizations can:

  • Create custom workflows
  • Receive hands-on support for ensured success

See how Pipeliner’s enterprise-scale API integration platform can transform your business. Request a demo today of integration and automation.

Pipeliner CRM Support Portal provides information on how to connect apps you already work with to your Pipeliner CRM account.