Pipeliner CRM Add-On for Google Forms

Automatically create leads, opportunities, accounts or contacts from Google form attached to your website.

Lead Data Capture—Greatly Simplified

One of the major headaches of lead generation can be capturing lead form data. Pipeliner has solved this issue with the Pipeliner Google Add-On. This tool enables you to use your Google form attached to your website as a lead generation tool for Pipeliner CRM.

Overall this new add-on greatly simplifies the lead capture process.

From Form to Pipeliner – in a Snap

The Google Add-On for Pipeliner allows you to add leads, opportunities, accounts or contacts to Pipeliner, directly from your company’s Google form. The precision of this integration means you can map your form data exactly to where it belongs in Pipeliner. Then, when a website visitor fills in the Google form and submits the data, Pipeliner Google Add-On auto-creates the new lead, opportunity, account or contact in Pipeliner CRM.

Key Features

  • Automatically create Pipeliner CRM leads from Google Form attached to your website, blog or email.
  • Automatically create Pipeliner CRM opportunities from Google Form.
  • Automatically create Pipeliner CRM accounts from Google Form.
  • Automatically create Pipeliner CRM contacts from Google Form.
  • And great is that you can map Google Form Questions with All Pipeliner Fields with Custom Fields included.
  • Use predefined Google Form Questions Templates automatically connected to your Pipeliner records.

Getting Started

To get started, you need to have a Google account with the ability to modify Google Spreadsheets and Google Forms.

After you register Pipeliner CRM and create your Pipeliner account, you will be able to configure Pipeliner Google Add-on to store your form submissions in Pipeliner CRM.

Pipeliner CRM Support Portal provides information on how to connect apps you already work with to your Pipeliner CRM account.