Your Pipeliner CRM + Your Gmail Working Together!

Confidently work inside Gmail, knowing that your email correspondence will be automatically appended to your CRM contacts.

About Google Mail

Gmail is email service provided by Google, either as a free service ( or as part of Google Apps (

Pipeliner CRM connects to Gmail in order to map emails to contacts and provide valuable history of communications with the people you do business with.

Key Features

  • Complete 2-way synchronization: Gmail is now part of your Pipeliner workflow With emails organized and available, teams can more efficiently manage their customerCustomer Customer is an individual or an organization that purchases a product or signs up for a service offered by a business. relationships. It’s also easier to collaborate, train, and coach with Gmail right in Pipeliner.
  • All your incoming and outgoing emails for any Contact are part of your Pipeliner workflow. Easily see next steps and take immediate action without browser bouncing.

Once you’ve set up the integration between Pipeliner and Gmail, all your interactions will be available in your Pipeliner records.

Integration Developer

Pipeliner CRM

This is a direct integration, developed as part of Pipeliner CRM application.

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