Turn Intercom Visitors Into Contacts Instantly

The new Pipeliner CRM Add-in for Intercom allows you to immediately see whether a visitor contacting you through Intercom is a current contact within Pipeliner CRM. If they are, then contact details immediately display. Plus can even open their Pipeliner contact information right in Intercom so you can have an even more informed conversation with them. Plus now that you know who they are you can even transfer them to the person in your organization who owns the relationship.

If the Intercom visitor is not an existing contact, then you can easily create them as a new contact in Pipeliner with one click. If there is any additional information you need that is not automatically displayed you can quickly and easily manually add it. By being able to add these new visitors as new contacts you can now push their information into your lead flow process.

Pipeliner Automation Hub

Automation Hub

This is a direct integration, developed as part of Pipeliner CRM application.

Pipeliner CRM Support Portal provides information on how to connect apps you already work with to your Pipeliner CRM account.