Automatically create new contacts & send conversations from your Intercom to Pipeliner.

About intercom

Exceptional engagement means knowing every touch your customer has along their journey. If a new prospect starts their interaction in Intercom, the integration will create a new Pipeliner contact to save your team time. All conversations in Intercom are instantly added to Pipeliner, creating better teamwork with a complete view of all interactions.

Integration Key Features

  • Enables the Sales team to get new leads and see all conversations from the Support team.
  • Automatically adds a new Pipeliner contact for each Intercom user.
  • Duplication check prior to creating a new Pipeliner Contact based on email address.
  • Instantly adds all completed conversations from Intercom to Pipeliner.
  • Conversations are linked to the Pipeliner contact record as a new Feed message.
  • Easy set-up process enables picking the Owner and Sales Unit in Pipeliner.

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