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MS Office 365 SharePoint Integration = More Agile Sales

The Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint App client for Pipeliner CRM allows you to store your Office documents on the cloud, easily managing and sharing them with your sales team using Pipeliner CRM.


Integrating Pipeliner CRM with Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint online enables you to use the document management capabilities of SharePoint from within Pipeliner CRM. Fully integrated with Microsoft Office 365 you can easily share your Office documents with your sales colleagues on the cloud, making it possible for sales teams to collaborate effectively on the mutual sales effort.

Integrate Your MS Office 365 & SharePoint Client

With Office 365 you can create Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, or PowerPoint presentations using the Office web apps that can be saved on the cloud, and added to your contacts, leads and opportunities in Pipeliner with just a few clicks.

Attach Your Files to Sales Leads and Opportunities

By signing into Pipeliner CRM and using this Microsoft SharePoint App client, you can start attaching all types of Office documents to sales leads and opportunities in your sales pipeline. Stored on the cloud, you and your sales team have easy access to your most important sales documents, no matter where you are.

Collaborate with your sales team on documents; document your sales best practices to effectively drive your sales effort. The integration between Microsoft Office 365 and Pipeliner CRM will help improve office collaboration, team productivity, and will make your sales organization more agile.

Connect your favorite MS Office applications directly to Pipeliner CRM.

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