SurveyMonkey for Sales CRM App

About SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is an online survey software that helps you to create and run professional online surveys. It is very powerful and well known online application.

Surveys are important to collect feedback, opinions, criticism, and suggestions from the general public and customers.

In the past surveys were normally printed and passed on to people to complete. With the introduction of online surveys collecting feedback became very easy as the manual element of the collation process was eliminated.

There are a number of competitors in the online survey space but SurveyMonkey is perhaps the best known and most widely used. SurveyMonkey is on par with the industry standards but adds a lot of other features that make collection and analysis of data extremely simple.

SurveyMonkey Integration with Pipeliner CRM

Business professionals that want to integrate SurveyMonkey with Pipeliner CRM like that Pipeliner’s native integration give them the power to sync all data, connect deeply, and configure flexible workflows. With Pipeliner, organizations can:

  • Create custom workflows
  • Receive hands-on support for ensured success

See how Pipeliner’s enterprise-scale API integration platform can transform your business. Request a demo today of SurveyMonkey integration and automation.

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