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Pipeliner CRM Integration with Zapier

Pipeliner CRM provides you with the business intelligence and insights you need to succeed—Instant Intelligence, Visualized. But of course you must have the right data. With Pipeliner-Zapier integration, you'll never have to spend time importing or exporting that information yourself.

Zapier connects Pipeliner to 650+ of your favorite apps, allowing you to capture leads and opportunities from all your inbound communication or forms, or copy new CRM items to every other app you use. The best part is these workflows (called "Zaps") are set up in minutes, with no coding.

You can browse Pipeliner integration on Zapier with hundreds of apps, where you can easily create your own Zaps from scratch, or get started with these popular examples right now:

End-To-End Automated Workflows

  • Serious about saving time? Set up Multi-Step Zaps by chaining any number of actions after your trigger event, and set up workflows that, for example, capture new form respondents on Pipeliner while automatically replying to them and setting up a task to review their submission, all in one go.
  • Use Filters and Search Actions for intelligent control of what goes in and out of your system: Your workflows can run only if your keywords and values are met. Zapier can also check if contacts and opportunities already exist so they're updated rather than duplicated when there's new ones. Your records will never fall out of order.
  • Getting messy information from your forms and other contact lists? Use the Formatter app to split names, capitalize them, convert currencies, even run spreadsheet formulas.
  • Plan your processes over time with the Schedule and Delay apps, which let you trigger new automations like clockwork, and pause them on demand for some time or until your key dates. Drip communication sequences, event reminders, you're in control!

You won't have to learn any new tools or skills to get Pipeliner working out of the box with apps like MailChimp, JotForm, ActiveCampaign, WebMerge, Wufoo, and Gravity Forms.