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Sales today is, in many ways, a team sport. Sales forces today often must have more than one teammate involved with an opportunity. In addition to the primary sales rep, there will often be a technical consultant, tech support, customer service, and others. For sales to move at the lightning speed required by today’s commerce, a collaboration tool is mandatory.

When you’re out and about or traveling, how do you collaborate with your teammates about a particular opportunity within Pipeliner? Or even unrelated to a particular opportunity, how can you message them so they’ll receive it, answer it and not have to go outside of the application?

The answer: Pipeliner CRM Feed

There are two specific types of Feed within Pipeliner CRM mobile:

Specific Feed – Within a lead, opportunity, account or contact, you can find the Feed, which contains messages relating to that particular entity. You can respond to a message or create a new one.

General Feed – Within the General Feed, you can find the Feed containing all internal messages in one place. You can respond to a message or create a new one.

Let’s say you’re in an airport lounge waiting to board a plane, and a sale closes. You can instantly post a message in Pipeliner related to that account, that can be immediately seen by your teammates and sales manager.

Or you’re out traveling and one of your contacts happens to call your office. The person who took the call can post a message regarding that account which, when you’re in Pipeliner Mobile, you’ll immediately be able to access.

You’re running in between client visits and your sales manager has a question about a particular opportunity. Your sales manager can post a message related to that opportunity, which you will then see the next time you access Pipeliner CRM mobile.

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