Mobile Specific Contact Features

In addition to the many other features Pipeliner provides for mobile CRM, it also brings a number of features that are actually not found in the desktop or cloud versions!

Notification Center: Through the Notification Center, you receive notifications about new data added to leads, opportunities, contacts, accounts or activities with which you are associated. You can send messages to other users. You are notified when existing data is updated when emails are received when documents are uploaded, or when another user sends you a message.

Simply click on any lead, opportunity, contact, account, activity within a notification to dive in and obtain more information.

Business Card Scanner: You can scan business cards and immediately add names and contact details as contacts.

Call to contacts or accounts: While browsing through contacts or accounts in Mobile CRM, the user can just tap the phone number—and a call will be placed to that particular person or company.

Email contacts or accounts: While browsing through the contacts or accounts in Mobile CRM, you can just tap the email address—your default mobile email client will open so that you can compose an email message to that particular person or company.

Viewing contacts or accounts on the map: Simply enter a contact or an account on the map feature, and you will be shown geographically where it is located.

Notes: Notes can be specifically added for opportunities, leads, accounts and contacts as an additional tab.

Call Logging: Log any call in Mobile CRM.

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