Sales Document Management in Pipeliner CRM

Sales time is incredibly valuable--which is why, in Pipeliner CRM, documents needed for sales are never more than 1 click away. 

Important Documents at each Sales Stage

Salespeople often need documents at each Stage of the Sales Process, as an Opportunity advances. For example:

  • Contracts
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Competitor Comparison Sheets
  • Industry Benchmarks
  • Product Specifications

The normal method of managing these documents is to store them on a default drive so that they can accessed and sent to leads, prospects and customers as needed.

This takes time. The salesperson or sales admin locates the documents before linking to them or attaching them to an email. With today's level of technology, there should be a much faster way of managing documents for sales.

And, there is: with Pipeliner CRM Sales Document Management features.

Right Where You Need Them

With Pipeliner, store documents at every Sales Stage, accessible right from the main Pipeline View. Documents are only one click away--no searching.

Documents from Pipeline Sales Stages can also be instantly imported into individual Accounts, Contacts, Leads or Opportunities when needed—right into the “Documents” section. Documents can also be uploaded to these areas from Box, DropboxGoogle Drive, SharePoint or from a local drive.


Document Management