Why Pipeliner Should Be Your CRM!

1. When you need to navigate clearly through the complexity

If one word could describe today’s sales landscape, it would probably be this one: complex. Where once there was simply a couple basic hats—a “salesman” and the manager—today we have field sales, inside sales, SDR sales, vertical sales, horizontal sales, and much more. Additionally, because of the digital age, we also have many more times the sales channels we once had.

There is additional complexity on the buyer side. Once upon a time, there was simply “the buyer.” Now there are committees and multiple decision-makers for just about any purchase a company makes.

The Solution: Pipeliner

Unlike traditional CRM, Pipeliner has moved well beyond the concept of a standard dashboard to more targeted and innovative ways of delivering instant intelligence to the user. Intelligence that helps the user cut out the noise, easily navigate complexity and focus immediately on what is most important.

Navigator Includes 5 basic powerful components, all in a single view: Activity Stream, Target Overview, Notifications, Suggestions and Business Overview. Utilized with Pipeliner’s advanced filtering and profiling capabilities, Navigator immediately provides clear guidance through today’s sales complexity.

Pipeliner Navigator Dashboard

Navigator focuses you – Combining our Dynamic Target feature with a Target Trend graph

You can instantly review where their business stands with Business Overview

Suggestions section advises of other areas of action that should possibly be addressed

2. When you want to create, manage and track your own sales process

Importance of Sales Process Within CRM

No two companies have exactly the same sales process. If a CRM application is to be truly valuable to a company, it must mirror as closely as possible its sales process so that:

  • Opportunities follow the same path within CRM that they follow in the real world.
  • The CRM solution actually benefits sales reps, as it fits within their daily workflow.
  • Sales management--and other senior management--can locate, follow and monitor opportunities across a sales pipeline that they're already familiar with.

The Solution: Pipeliner

From the very beginning, Pipeliner was designed for the precise purpose of being customizable to a company's sales process. Within minutes, Pipeliner is instantly adaptable to a company's specific sales process stages. If a sales process changes down the line (which often happens with a dynamic sales process) it can be immediately updated.

Pipeliner CRM Opportunity Tracking in Your Sales Process

Drag-and-drop your Sales Opportunities from one Stage to another

Track, Manage and analyze your Opportunities and your Sales Pipeline in one screen

Visual Sales Pipeline gives you instant overview of your business

3. When you want your salespeople to be consistent in the way they interact with customers at every stage of the sales process

Targeted Activities a Must

Veteran reps have usually set the stage for the most successful ways of interacting with customers. Imparting these methods to less-experienced reps can be problematic, and making sure these methods are followed can be even more problematic. Reps can be briefed, coached, be given written instructions--but even with all this, you can never be totally sure that reps are going to utilize these methods.

The Solution: Pipeliner

Pipeliner is instantly customizable with a company's sales process--which is the first step to making sure reps are all following the same defined, successful path.

But within each sales stage there are activities and tasks that make up that stage. Often there is a specific path--a sales process within a sales process--that ensures a prospect is properly engaged with before being eligible to move to the next stage.

Pipeliner allows sales management, as an option, to make certain tasks and activities mandatory before an opportunity can be moved to the next sales process stage.

Activities are suggested automatically as you move opportunity from one stage to another

Edit the these activities or save them and have reminders and due dates set automatically

Set your own activities and tasks that would be suggested for each stage

CRM Automated Task Scheduler

Additionally, Pipeliner's Automatic Task Creation saves even more time. When an opportunity is moved from one stage to the next, necessary activities will be suggested. They can either be edited (as for dates and times) or simply saved; if so they will be automatically scheduled.

The benefit is the saved time for both managers and salespeople from having to manually create duplicate tasks that are relevant to more than one sales stage.

4. When you want to manage the lifecycle of your buyer from lead to repeat customer

Multiple Processes

Today many companies have discovered that, in reality, they have more than one process when it comes to sales. It often happens that in addition to the standard sales process--lead to close--they have additional processes for:

  • Lead generation, the cycle from inquiry to bonafide lead
  • Customer management, which is an entirely new process following a closed sale

When a prospect becomes a bona-fide opportunity, it is then moved to the regular sales process. Once the sale is closed, it then moves into a customer process, through which the customer is kept happy, sold additional licences and additional products.

If a CRM application only addresses the one sales process from lead to close, its value is limited. Leads that have been part of the marketing process must be imported to the CRM from some other application, when "ready for prime time." When a sale is closed, it then must be exported to yet another application for customer maintenance.

The Solution: Pipeliner

Pipeliner has solved this issue by allowing users to have more than one pipeline. In fact, a company can have as many pipelines as needed within Pipeliner.

So that opportunities can be moved intact from one pipeline to the next, all opportunities are kept within a single database--it is simply a matter of drag-and-drop, and all data moves right along with the opportunity.

Pipeliner Supports Multiple Pipelines

Easily set up multiple processes for your business a switch from one to another with kust a few clicks

Share Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities between Sales Pipelines

Share Profiles, Filters and Reports throughout all your Sales Pipelines

5. When you want to continually monitor and improve the performance of your salespeople and sales teams

Sales Management

At the best of times, sales management is a difficult proposition. Unfortunately today, even when a sales manager would like nothing more than to mentor and improve sales rep performance, that sales manager's time is often taken up with simply tracking down the numbers, rep by rep, and chasing up individual important opportunities to see where they stand. Little to no time is left for coaching and mentoring.

Ineffective CRM

The reason the sales manager is having to do all this extra work really comes down to the company's CRM application. If a CRM doesn't reveal clearly, instantly and precisely where opportunities stand and how each rep is doing, that CRM is no help to a sales manager. The sales manager is having to do the job that CRM was actually meant to do.

Discover how reps or teams compare to one another with just a few clicks

One or more KPIs can be utilized in comparing team members over a specific time period

Zero in: Utilize “Click-to-Detail” functionality to focus in on a specific user and related KPIs

Sales Performance Management

The Solution: Pipeliner

With its instant intelligence visualized, Pipeliner--perhaps for the first time in CRM history--makes it possible for a sales manager to get a rapid, real-time handle on where the sales team, and each rep within it, stands. A rep's pipeline can be isolated out, as well as a salesperson's individual KPIs. Individual opportunities, and associated tasks and activities, can be rapidly evaluated.

All of the above can also be done for individual teams and territories.

The result: for perhaps the first time, a sales manager can perform real sales management--monitoring and steadily improving the sales rep and team performance.

6. When you want to increase predictability and reduce risk in your pipeline

The Right Information

The increasing of predictability and the reduction of risk all depend on one thing: the right information. What does a company need to know to accurately predict an opportunity coming in, along with its risk of success or failure?

Once that data set is totally figured out, then it has to be configured in a way that it can be rapidly understood for every opportunity, every time. Without automation, this of course is impossible.

The Role of CRM

Increasing predictability and reducing risk have been two primary goals of CRM since the beginning. The whole idea was to have enough control of sales that these two crucial factors could be monitored and positively affected.

Because traditional CRM applications have tended to be more numerical displays than anything else, most of the "figuring" regarding predictability and risk had to be done in someone's head as they were looking over the numbers.

This meant that it ended up as guesswork, educated guesswork at best but guesswork none the less. And while no CRM solution is going to be able to predict a sales future with total accuracy, a CRM solution can certainly be designed to deliver better leading indicators and more accurate risk assessment.

Pipeliner Sales Intelligence Dashboard

Have your business Intelligence visualized with Pipeliner Sales Dashboard

Inbuilt Pivot table capability allows you to combine and compare multiple data sets

Share any Report across the organization

The Solution: Pipeliner

Pipeliner CRM makes it possible for a salesperson to rapidly plug in all the data that will make it possible to better predict an opportunity, and gauge its risk.

Pipeliner can be set up so that with a minimum amount of data entry (because salespeople are not data entry clerks) the right information is now not only available, but utilized throughout Pipeliner's visual display of business intelligence.

That means that all of Pipeliner's views, and all reports generated from it, are going to provide greater levels of predictability and lower levels of risk than ever before possible.

7. When you want business intelligence right at your fingers to make informed decisions

Decisions, Decisions

Aside from everything else a salesperson must do, they are under constant pressure to make decisions. Should I pursue this opportunity? Is the investment of my (and my company's) time and resources worth it? Are there other opportunities that would prove more profitable?

What makes for a higher percentage of correct decisions? Business intelligence. The prospect's pain points. Which of the buyer's staff are the decision makers, and what do each need and want. How fast are they  going to purchase, once they decide to do so. What will go into their decision-making process.

Intelligence Storehouse

A CRM application should be the storehouse for this intelligence.

Unfortunately traditional CRM solutions have not provided for this function. Instead there were all kinds of numbers, but none which would indicate the real likelihood of purchase, or give a rep a real basis on which to make a decision.

Facts which did comprise business intel were usually parked in a rep's head, in notes, in individual spreadsheets, or in email. None were clearly assembled in a central location in which everything could be clearly seen and evaluated.

Size of each Opportunity gives you visual hint as to what is the Opportunity value

See the stage, due date and Sales Velocity of each Opportunity in one screen

Pipeliner Dynamic Target helps you keep an eye on your goals

Pipeliner 3D Timeline – Bubble Chart

The Solution: Pipeliner

Pipeliner CRM has been designed so that business intelligence is not only contained within CRM, but is in fact visually and intuitively displayed throughout the application.

A salesperson can simply look over needed tasks to be done, look over the Pipeliner View for likely opportunities, look through the Timeline views, or generate instant reports, and have the best possible intelligence on which to base decisions for a day, week, month or even quarter.

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