This is the first in a series of ebooks covering the vital subject of Sales Management. In this ebook, we’re going to cover the basic essentials of the subject: Getting rapidly up and running when you’re first put on the job, taking on a team, the mindset you need, the subject of management, a sales manager’s virtues, dealing with people, and the technology you need.

Future ebooks in this series will deal with the vital metrics of sales management, and sales management through CRM.

I firmly believe that sales is the most important profession for dealing with today’s turbulent world and economy, for salespeople create wealth and produce peace. But salespeople need a competent, stable leader—and that would be you, the sales manager! Hopefully, these books, written from my own substantial sales management experience, will help to guide you to a successful sales management role.

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In addition, here are some sales management videos that may interest you :

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