The oldest and still most urgent CRM issue that companies have to face is low user acceptance, which results in poor data quality and misleading sales information can lead to strategies that put a business in serious risk. Pipeliner is a revolutionary CRM System that focuses on sales management and is designed to truly support and empower the sales representatives in their day-to-day job. That is why they love to work with it and that is why we solved this industry problem.

Pipeliner offers the capability to implement your own standardized sales process and sales methodology. Each user works on his personal visual pipeline and has a clear understanding of his performance, potential deals and next steps to be taken. Every single pipeline is connected to a central database that allows users to share accounts, contacts, deals, documents, activities, and reports throughout the organization. Pipeliner offers a powerful permission-based system to share content within teams and offers a great scalability.

Selecting the CRM system for your company is arguably one of the most important decisions you’ll make — one that will govern the sales culture you establish and the happiness of all the stakeholders who use it and depend on it.

In this slidedeck, we show you the many ways Pipeliner CRM has prepared our system to provide support for understanding the sales environment, growing sales, and setting the stage for satisfied customers.

We explore:

  • The advantages of empowered salespeople adopting and using their CRM software
  • Using standardized sales processes and methodologies to understand key measurements like sales velocity and drops
  • The benefits of studying wins/losses in an always-available Archive of deals
  • The role of social media in the modern CRM workflow
  • The importance of a visual approach to the story data tells, so all stakeholders can see and understand what actions to take next
  • Enhancements that make your work-life easier, from fewer clicks and scrolls to the ability to work offline on your full CRM system with our unique hybrid synchronization method
  • Team collaboration for maximum efficiency and productivity

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