CRM Onboarding

There are many issues to take into account when choosing a CRM solution. But chief among these considerations should be onboarding—that is, how easy is it to implement, train your users on, and administrate your new CRM solution?

There are several reasons to pay attention to onboarding:

  • The longer it takes to integrate and bring the system online, the longer will it will take before your CRM solution begins showing a return on investment.
  • The same is true for the length of time it takes to train your users. This is especially significant if a CRM application is complex and has a long training runway. The most important CRM users are your sales reps. How long can your company afford sales rep downtime while they’re training on CRM, even part time? Another factor is that salespeople are slowed down in sales velocity as they’re having to train, while they’re forced to work back and forth between existing solutions and the new CRM solution.
  • Administration can reap serious cost when it comes to implementing a new CRM solution. With traditional CRM applications, there is training needed for CRM administrators. Then once the solution is up and running, it can take one and sometimes more full-time administrators for CRM.

This White Paper addresses the various factors of CRM onboarding in detail—and illustrates with real-world numbers how Pipeliner CRM addresses these issues for a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

Hard Numbers

For this white paper, we actually surveyed our customers and got real-world numbers on onboarding Pipeliner CRM. We then compared these figures with known data about onboarding our chief CRM competitors.

Direct comparisons were made in the areas of:

  • How complicated it was to get the CRM application up and running
  • Length of time of the onboarding process
  • Difficulty of implementation and rollout
  • Ease of data migration
  • And more

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