Part of a customizable CRM, an Intelligent Field is a field which displays data in a read-only fashion, data which has been automatically calculated using other data obtained elsewhere. Pipeliner CRM has been, from the beginning, designed from the standpoint that no 2 companies are alike. Pipeliner is totally customizable from many standpoints, including a company’s sales processes. Tasks and activities are also customizable; the many and varied tasks, and their order, will be different for each company. Overall, Pipeliner is a rapidly adaptable framework for your organization.

Exploiting Your Company’s Uniquenesses: Pipeliner CRM Intelligent Fields

One of Pipeliner’s customizable elements are its forms—available with the leads, opportunities, accounts and contacts functions. Forms can be designed for a wide variety of operations, completely dependent on the company, its products and its processes. One key component of these forms is Pipeliner’s Intelligent Fields.

We currently have 4 different types of Intelligent Fields, and new ones are added on an average of every other release. In this white paper we will cover those that are currently available in Pipeliner CRM, and how you can use them.

1. Calculated Fields

A Calculated Field is a field that calculates and displays data, based on other data automatically acquired from another field or fields.

2. Custom Validation Rules

When a user enters data into a CRM form, it can often happen that the data needs to meet a certain standard before it is accepted. That is what a validation rule is–it is a fixed rule that confirms that entered data meets a specified standard before that data can be saved. Hence, the data cannot be saved unless correct data is entered.

3. Web Resource Fields

A web resource field is one which imports specific data from the web, into a customized field.

4. Dynamic Dropdowns

A feature recently added to Pipeliner CRM, Dynamic Dropdowns are dropdown menus that relate to one another, and make their choices dependent on one another.

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