The Everything Guide to Choosing the Right CRM Solution

The Everything Guide to Choosing the Right CRM SolutionSolution Solution is a combination of ideas, strategies, processes, technologies and services that effectively helps an organization achieve its goals or hurdle its challenges.

There are many considerations when choosing the perfect CRM. Our comprehensive guide talks you through all the issues — from every angle — so you can make the best decision for your team. Traditionally, salespeople have not welcomed CRM software with open arms. They perceive CRM tools as a way for management to ride herd on their workflow, monitor their every move, and establish management as “compliance police.”

“Why use “brute force” CRM solutions, when you can win the hearts and minds of salespeople with the right system – one that helps them sell better.”

Imagine if your sales managers and teams actually used their CRM system, found it of value, and were able to trust it and embrace it! Sales pipelines would be smoother, forecasts more accurate, and teams happier and more successful.

What if you could prove the value of such a system?

This guide is designed to raise your odds of a successful changeover to modern CRM. We’ll walk you through all the moving parts and help you find the right solution for your organizationOrganization Organization is a cohesive group of people working together and formally bound by a shared identity (e.g., one team, company, club, etc.) and a common purpose (e.g., business growth, athletic victory, etc.)..

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What to look for in your CRM Solution
  • The benefits of the right CRM system
  • How to cope with the challenges of change management
  • How to avoid costly mistakes while choosing a CRM
  • Resources for CRM reviews — see what other sales pros have to say
  • BonusBonus A bonus is a gift or additional compensation given on top of the standard pay or fee, often serving as a reward for outstanding performance or for achieving certain business targets.: A comprehensive checklist to organize your requirements

What to Look for in a CRM

Don’t undervalue the importance of a tool that salespeople find easy to use. A tool’s true power isn’t in flashy bells and whistles. It is in empowering the people using the tool to do the best job they can do. The best tools institutionalize efficiency, and become part of the daily workflow of your team. The best tools make it easier to do take actions that pay off!

Today’s tools should be suited to the needs of many stakeholders — with different uses for dataData Data is a set of quantitative and qualitative facts that can be used as reference or inputs for computations, analyses, descriptions, predictions, reasoning and planning., different skill levels, and different ways of absorbing information. Visualization is increasingly understood as crucial to adoption and efficiency. The brain perceives information visually much more easily than in plain data. In short, a picture is worth a thousand spreadsheets!

Download this free ebook and let it guide you towards the CRM that will make your organization happier and more successful!

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“For some years I’ve been saying that, as a society, we’re in the midst of a transformation. Given what’s happened in the last couple of years, there’s no one left who is disagreeing with me! It’s become very obvious.”

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A common term in sales today is EQ, which stands for “emotional I.Q.” It means the skill a salesperson has in reading emotions and utilizing them in sales. It means empathy and a number of other abilities. The short version is, it’s an I.Q. when it comes to emotions. But just as with our Network Selling model, E.Q. isn’t just for sales, either. It’s actually the missing factor in human interactions, for confrontation—a common “tool” in human interactions—doesn’t actually handle anything.

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

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