The KPIs

In this white paper, Nikolaus Kimla explores the vital necessity of using the right KPIs when measuring sales performance.

In life, some understanding of the past and some perception of what the future is to bring are good to have. They bring stability and happiness to living. In business these factors are vitally necessary—the less precise they are, the more risk involved. The more precise, the more risk is minimized.

It is only through a constant analysis of the past—and based on that, a prediction of what should happen in the future—that a business can mathematically understand where to allocate resources and funding. This analysis is brought about through the technology provided by today’s digital world. And as we’ve seen since the turn of the millennium, that technology can either pave the way for a company’s success, or (if the company refuses to adapt technology) push it out of the way.

So a digital aggregation of indicators is crucial. The analysis of the past is done through lagging indicators. The accurate digital prediction of the future is conducted through leading indicators.

  • Lagging Indicators: The KPIs with which you examine past performance are lagging indicators. It is with these that you answer the question: How did we do?
  • Leading Indicators: Out of the knowledge of lagging indicators, you can then formulate leading indicators. Leading indicators are designed to show you, as you proceed toward a target or quota, exactly how you’re doing.

Pipeliner CRM Performance Insights

A great combination of leading and lagging indicators was created for a Pipeliner CRM feature called Performance Insights. Performance Insights was created for efficient sales performance management, and greatly simplifies yet makes far more powerful this aspect of sales management. The Performance Insights feature utilizes 5 KPIs.

Download this white paper and learn more about how Pipeliner CRM helps you precisely measure sales performance.

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