Philosophy Meets the Real World

In our previous 2 ebooks, Theory Made Real and Reducing Risk, we demonstrated how Pipeliner CRM is the sum total, in the real world, of sound philosophical business principles. Theory Made Real explored the 6 basic principles that form the foundation for Pipeliner, with examples of how they are expressed in the product. Reducing Risk laid out the Pipeliner Selling System, which follows the basic pattern of a sales process against the backdrop of the buyer’s journey, and how this, too, embodies the basic principles.

In this our third ebook in the series, we explore all the specific Pipeliner CRM features—many of which are totally unique in the CRM market—and how each of these reflects the philosophy which inspired it.

Features and Functionality: Philosophy Meets the Real World

Our goal with this book is to bring the reader an understanding of the power that Pipeliner can bring to a sales organization and business, and also to provide a continuing overview of the applicable principles on which any business is based.

Stage 1: Focus

The first stage of the Pipeliner Selling System, Focus, deals with:

  • Focusing reps on deals that matter
  • Honing in on specific aspects of the deals themselves
  • Focusing the buyer in on your solution

Under the heading of Focus are the Pipeliner CRM features contained in this chapter:

  • Dynamic Contact Management
  • Effective, Efficient Leads Management
  • Pipeline View: Visual Key to Your Processes
  • Your Instant, Visual Sales Timeline
  • Archive: Understanding the Past is Key to Your Future
  • Pipeliner CRM Profiles: It’s Your View
  • Template Designer: It Really Is Your CRM
  • Pipeliner CRM’s Built-In Help

Stage 2: Engage

The second stage of the Pipeliner Selling System, Engage, means reaching out and touching this prospect, getting involved with their particular company and issues, and accomplishing the actions necessary to move them to the next stage toward a sale.

Under the heading of Engage are the Pipeliner CRM features contained in this chapter:

  • Sales Activities—Your Path to Sales Success
  • Social Selling Made Easy
  • Sales Reports: See More to Sell More
  • Tracking Sales Efficiency: Pipeliner Hit Rate Manager
  • Online or Offline: Full CRM Functionality
  • Notes Management and Integration
  • Pipeliner App Integrations
  • Apps Integrations
  • Auto-Profiling: Saving Hours of Admin Work
  • History Log: Tracking Changed Data in CRM

Stage 3: Convince

At the third stage of the Pipeliner Selling System, Convince, you are convincing the buyer—and all decision-makers and influencers at the company acting as evaluators—that purchasing your product or service is absolutely the right thing to do. It is at this stage that the sale is made.

Under the heading of Convince are the Pipeliner CRM features contained in this chapter:

  • The Pipeliner Task Board: A New Way to Work
  • Dynamic Target: Constant Focus
  • Smart Org Chart & Buying Center
  • Filters: Zeroing In on Deals That Count
  • Getting a Handle on Sales Velocity
  • Sales Dashboards—Insights On Demand
  • Customized Auto-Calculations
  • Sales Document Management
  • Microsoft Office Plug-In

Stage 4: Close and Cooperate

At the fourth stage of the Pipeliner Selling System, Close, your buyer has become a customer. Ultimately your aim is to move that customer into the next and final stage of the Pipeliner Selling System, Cooperate. At that point your customer has become an advocate—and is much more of a partner than a customer.

There are 2 final features that are particularly applicable to the Close and Cooperate stages of the Pipeliner Selling System:

  • Multiple Pipelines
  • Bulk Update Feature

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