Pipeliner CRM is a simple yet powerful product. It can be onboarded in hours instead of days or weeks. It is intuitive, visual and logical. Users actually take to it because they love using it. Pipeliner is meant to almost be self-educating—and, in fact, we actually build learning into the program. This is in contrast to conventional CRM solutions which have, through the years, been traditionally complex and have not resulted in user learning and, much of the time, adoption.

We’re Behind You All the Way

In line with our belief in the power of education, we educate our users, too. While we offer the standard type of tech support—reactive to situations and issues—we also offer proactive support as well.

In this white paper, we’ll show you how we have embedded education right into Pipeliner with these tools:

  • Context-Sensitive Help—access help from any view in Pipeliner, for that feature or set of features
  • Knowledge Base—A vast array of information is available in the Knowledge Base, useful for salespeople, sales leaders, or any Pipeliner user–accessible right from Pipeliner.
  • Contact Support—Right from Pipeliner, directly contact Support by email with any question or issue you may have, at no extra charge.
  • What’s New—From the Pipeliner Help menu, click on What’s New to see brief descriptions and videos of each of the latest Pipeliner features.
    Getting Started—a quick-start guide that will rapidly get any user up and running with Pipeliner.
    About Pipeliner—this feature offers an introductory video, a screen to sign up for a free demo webinar, and more.
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