Sales Process and the Pipeliner Selling System

The reason salespeople need a sales process is because buyers follow exact journeys. If a salesperson isn´t following along, they are going for the close when the buyer is much further back in their journey. That´s a rapidly lost sale.

So how can the sales process align with a buyer’s journey? This is where the Pipeliner Selling System comes in—for each stage of the System is designed to dovetail with each stage of a natural buyer’s progression.

The 5 Stages of Sales Process and the Pipeliner Selling System

  1. When a buyer begins their journey, they are an Investigator. They are seeking out possible solutions for issues they are experiencing in their company. The job of a salesperson is to focus in on this prospect, and also to focus the buyer’s attention. That’s why the first stage of the Pipeliner Selling System is Focus.
  2. Following the investigation stage, the buyer becomes a Prospect and the salesperson enters the next phase of the Selling System, which is Engage.
  3. When the prospect has successfully been moved through the Engage phase, they become an Evaluator. The corresponding phase for the salesperson for this part of the journey is Convince. This is where the sale is actually made.
  4. Following the Convince stage, the buyer then becomes a Customer, moving into the Close stage of the Selling System, where a new process begins.
  5. As the new process is applied to the customer, they are targeted for Advocate status. The phase of the Selling System that applies here is Cooperate, because advocacy is a collaborative process. The Pipeliner Selling System is comprised of the common denominators to most or all sales processes. It is designed to reduce your risk and leverage your opportunities.

If you’re uncertain of your sales process or—worse—you don’t have one at all, the Pipeliner Selling System will lay a firm path for you to follow to create a robust, reliable sales process for your sales organization.

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