Restoring Purpose to Sales Ebook

Restoring Purpose to Sales

In this ebook, we’ve been discussing the finding of meaning within sales and building a character for Sales. Why is this so important?

Nikolaus Kimla’s ebook covers restoring purpose to sales in today’s world.  Once in a great while, you observe people in a particular profession who truly represent that profession with honesty and integrity. One standout example is a profession whose people act as one would expect, from how they dress to how they execute their jobs. If they don’t behave this way, it can become life-threatening.

Part 1 – Finding Meaning

Chapter 1: Restoring Sales Purposes

In this light, let’s take a look at salespeople. What was the original purpose of sales? What kind of mindset do we need to reestablish so that they align with their own original goals like a firefighter does with theirs?

Chapter 2: Salespeople — Bring Back the Positive Meaning

In the last chapter, we took up the example of a firefighter and the fact that a firefighter is almost always a positive example of their profession. In the same way, a firefighter has a positive reputation in society.

Chapter 3: Finding that Meaning

FINDING MEANING DOESN’T HAVE TO BE HUGE – Some people seem to think that finding meaning in life means that someone has to want to change the world, or become super-famous.

Chapter 4: Slapping Back at Negative Attitudes on Sales

THE MENTAL MODEL – There is something called a mental model, through which a person sees the world. This mental model influences a person’s decisions, actions, and feelings about life in general.

Chapter 5: Can a Salesperson Find Meaning in Life?

Just based on what you generally hear, and the incredibly negative views shown in popular culture, it would seem that the only meaning a salesperson could find in life would come from high-pressuring prospects to buy things against their will, lusting after money and, in the end, total misery.

Chapter 6: The Aim of Pipeliner With Sales

In this ebook, we’ve been discussing the finding of meaning within sales. Why is this so important?

Part 2 – Building a Character for Sales

Chapter 7: Developing Sales Character

In this ebook, we’ve been talking about bringing honorable purpose back to being a salesperson. When aiming for their true goals, we’ve seen that salespeople create wealth and bring peace.

Chapter 8: Why Character?

The two pillars of the future are technology and human beings. You have to have the perfect technology, and then the perfect human being in application, performance and presentation.

Chapter 9: For Sales, It’s All About Character

In this high-tech mechanized age, many things can be replaced. But the one thing you cannot replace is a human—you can’t replace a human being with whom you share trust. You can’t replace a relationship. And central to trust and relationships is character.

Chapter 10: Watch Your Thoughts, for They Become Words

There is an excellent book available today, one which we promote, called ”Consistency Selling” by Weldon Long. In his book, Long presents this proverb differently: Thoughts control emotions, which leads to controlling actions; when you control actions you control your results, and results control your thoughts. I tend more to the proverb as stated in the beginning here: “Watch your thoughts, for they become words.”

Chapter 11: Watch Your Words, for they Become Actions

THE POWER OF WORDS Humans are the only species capable of articulation of thoughts, through words. Those words have meaning, and are actually extremely powerful.

Chapter 12: Watch Your Actions, for They Become Habits

HABITS LEARNED EARLY – We know one thing about habits, both good and bad: they are learned very early on. A prime example is eating—when parents are careless, and children end up being raised on a diet of sugar and junk food, children grow up with these habits into obesity, diabetes and other health issues. It’s also something that creates a great deal of dissatisfaction with life, as demonstrated by the billion-dollar weight loss industry (diets, gym chains, exercise equipment and even drugs).

Chapter 13: Watch Your Habits, for They Become Character

Character, in my opinion, can be a complicated issue. When you’re talking about character, you’re describing a whole person.

Chapter 14: Watch Your Character, for It Becomes Your Destiny

Many people do not have a clear idea of “destiny.” They don’t conceive a destiny for themselves, or truly understand the concept. What is their destiny? Why are they here? For many it’s just too complex—or they simply don’t wish to confront the issue for themselves. Very few say with certainty, “This is my destiny.” Another way of saying it, of course, is “This
is my goal in life.”

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