WAith the right tools, your sales forecast can be effective and accurate. The right CRM solution helps you get your bearings within the tangled web of sales metrics, and see the clear picture of the story your numbers are telling.

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Chapter 1: CRM Solutions: Reliable and Accurate Sales Forecasting?

Sales forecasts are often done with considerable guesswork, sent along to company management, and everyone crosses their fingers and silently prays that these forecasts are somewhere near correct. If two key issues were solved – accuracy being one of them – everyone from sales reps on up to the chairman of the board could sleep a lot better at night, having far more confidence in those sales forecasts.

Chapter 2: Sales Forecasting: An Organizational Shift

Traditionally, sales forecasting has been done by the sales manager after lengthy consultation with sales reps. While it may be “how it’s always been done,” this methodology is risky at best. There is actually a way to make this a much more winning game – from the salespeople on up.

Chapter 3: 6 Key Factors for Accurate Sales Analytics and Forecasting

By actual statistic, sales forecasts – along with closing rates – are generally off by a considerable margin. Here are 6 key factors that, if implemented, will go a long way to greatly improving the accuracy of your sales analytics and forecasting.

Chapter 4: Benefits of Truly Accurate Sales Analytics

There is of course the basic benefit of accurate sales analytics: accurate sales forecasts. But there are numerous other benefits which should also be taken into account, and act as further motivations for companies to move beyond the considerable degree of speculation that commonly dominates today’s sales forecasting.

Chapter 5: Sales Analytics and CRM Solutions

The most consistent and positive way to work out a sales forecast is with a CRM solution that includes accurate sales analytics that will show you the facts of the matter, every time.

Chapter 6: Sales Analytics: Changing Role of the Sales Manager

Here we will take a closer look at how precise and usable sales analytics change the role of the person normally held accountable for overall sales and the forecasting of those sales: the sales manager.

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