How important is CRM in this digital age? How does it affect a company, the users, and most importantly the company experience? In this ebook, we’ll have a look at all of these aspects, for the role of CRM has become more important than ever.


Today some C-level executives are very nervous as they feel the growing pains of the digital transformation that has been occurring on a steep curve for the last several decades. The only way to deal with that transformation is through technological processes—and these technological processes are the only way to run a company today.

It’s gotten to the point now that if a process malfunctions, it can wreak major havoc with company operations. For example, if something goes wrong with an e-commerce application, a valuable transaction doesn’t occur. In another area, the data flow is interrupted and a crucial operation doesn’t happen, and vital data is lost. Or, you’re selling live in a video chat, reach the most important part of your pitch, and you lose your connection.


When a CRM solution is not intuitive, it takes much longer to learn. A non-intuitive quality will also impact its everyday use; when salespeople or others in a company have trouble understanding an application, they will tend to shy away from it. That means that vital data may be entered incorrectly into CRM, or not be entered at all.

To get a CRM in broad use across a company, it must be easily learned, which is where ease of use comes in. Pipeliner CRM excels in this area, as it can be learned by a new user in hours, as compared to the weeks and sometimes even months of other CRM solutions. We have ensured ease of use and learning through our visual orientation, consistent across the product.

Benefits and Requirements

Given that every business must have a CRM or find themselves out of business in the future, it now becomes important to select the right CRM. What CRM benefits does a company require?

These benefits must be examined in detail. Different stakeholders—management, finance, general users—have different requirements. For example, not everyone will need all customer details but may require fast overviews through dashboards or reports.

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