You might not have heard the news—but overall, CRM has failed in the past. It became a big, unwieldy thing that sales reps were forced to enter data into, and that no one—including sales reps and sales managers—could truly utilize the data from.

Today it is a digital world, for companies both internally and externally. Technology is a vital necessity for any company to succeed. But it’s not just technology, it’s the right technology.

In CRM Coming Back from the Dead, you will learn how a CRM today must fit in with today’s Digital Revolution, and why, despite its previous failures, it is more of a necessity than ever. You will also learn what kind of CRM is needed as we move forward into an ever-changing future, and the various qualities it requires.

Today we’re in a global economy. That means customers are, quite literally, everywhere. And as businesses become more decentralized and more people are working remotely, so are the employees quite literally everywhere (note: this is a description of my own company). For both these reasons SaaS businesses continue to boom tremendously.

Nikolaus Kimla CEO of Pipeliner CRMNikolaus Kimla, CEO at Pipelinersales, Inc.

Chapter 1: CRM Has Failed in the Past. Will It Now Succeed?

Going back roughly 25 years ago to the original development of CRM and coming forward to fairly recently, it could certainly be said that the first iteration of CRM applications has been a failure. They’ve been costly, incredibly difficult and expensive to implement, and additionally expensive to administrate. The question now becomes: Will CRM succeed in its new incarnation?

Chapter 2: What Should a CRM Really Be Today?

A prime reason for CRM user complaints has been the amount of data entry required from users, especially salespeople—without any actual assistance and help back to them from the CRM solution. What should CRM be doing for a company?

Chapter 3: Here’s What We’re Doing About It

Interestingly, we brought Pipeliner into the marketplace at a time when the market was actually overrun with CRM applications. One could certainly ask, with some justification, why we did this.

Chapter 4: How Is CRM Helping Today?

Now let’s take a look at how and why Pipeliner factually and practically empowers salespeople. If you utilize CRM anywhere at any time, this could be very valuable information for you.

Chapter 5: Where Must CRM Be in the Future?

Today if a business is to survive, it must embrace technology. Many companies have disappeared simply because they didn’t embrace it—and they really had no chance. So what does this mean for a CRM solution?

Chapter 6: If You Don’t Have CRM Today, You’re Sunk

For our final chapter, let’s talk about why CRM is so vital today—and why it is that, if you don’t have it, you’re not going to make it.

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