Pipeliner CRM Integration with Microsoft Word

We know that in addition to Pipeliner CRM, you utilize many different apps in your daily work. To make that work simpler and easier, Pipeliner integrates with more than 50 of the most popular applications, including those contained within the leading Microsoft Office suite of productivity products.

Microsoft Word, part of the Microsoft Office suite of products, is the most popular and widely used word processor in business. It is broadly applied in creating content, promotional items, books, white papers, and many other types of items that are ultimately published.

For that reason, from the beginning we’ve worked hard to ensure that Pipeliner CRM integrates with Microsoft Word, so that companies could always use their favorite tools along with Pipeliner.

The Pipeliner Office Add-In contains a feature called Pipeliner Template Builder. Pipeliner Template Builder allows you to map any field from Pipeliner to your Word or Excel templates.

Specifically for Word, Pipeliner Template Builder allows you to auto-populate Microsoft Word Document Templates from any field within Pipeliner CRM. This allows the user to generate a quote, a sales proposal, an invoice, or any of an endless variety of documents with the click of a button. Microsoft Word Document templates can also be attached to any contact, account, opportunity or sales lead.

To sum up, with Pipeliner Word integration you can:

  • Create a Template in Microsoft Word
  • Attach a Microsoft Word Template to Pipeliner CRM
  • Use a Microsoft Word Template in Pipeliner CRM

To utilize Word functionality within Pipeliner CRM, you need to have Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013 with Pipeliner Office Add-In installed. Please note: older Office versions, or online Office 365, are not supported.

Click here to download the Microsoft Office for Pipeliner CRM

Instructions on how to use Pipeliner CRM Add-In for MS Outlook

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