Pipeliner CRM Integration with Microsoft OneDrive for Business

We know that in addition to Pipeliner CRM, companies utilize many different platforms and apps in their daily work. To make that work simpler and easier, Pipeliner integrates with more than 50 of the most popular applications, including many commonly used Microsoft products.

Many businesses utilize Microsoft OneDrive for Business, a Software-as-a-Service cloud storage offering. The physical medium on which data is stored can either be hosted on-premises or purchased as a service subscription from Microsoft.

Most company sales processes include document management as an integral part. From the beginning, Pipeliner CRM has contained simple yet powerful document management functionality, through which documents can be stored in various stages of the sales process to which they apply, as well as attached to leads, opportunities, contacts and accounts.

When companies store and manage documents utilizing OneDrive for Business, Pipeliner integration with OneDrive for Business using MS SharePoint 2013 Integration enables you to utilize a file from OneDrive for Business account, via MS SharePoint, into Pipeliner.

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Instructions on how to use Pipeliner CRM Add-In for MS Outlook

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