Well, now you have the opportunity to become a Salespreneur!

Salespreneurs are wholly independent salespeople who have been onboarded, trained and supported during their setup phase by Pipeliner CRM and who now operate independently, earning high rates of commission for selling the world’s most visual and effective sales empowerment tool.

This is your chance to build your own business without the traditional risk or investment associated with establishing your own venture.

Did you know that the independent worker growth rate has far outpaced that of traditional employment over the past 15 years and continues to trend upwards?

Now is the time to take your first step towards independence by exploring whether becoming a Pipeliner CRM Salespreneur is for you!

What is a Pipeliner CRM Salespreneur?

  • A self-employed, independent salesperson who earns very high rates of commission

  • A sales professional who has been fully trained by Pipeliner CRM in how to position & sell its sales empowerment tool

  • A highly-motivated, self-starter who wants to be personally responsible for their own success

  • Someone who does not want to be tied to a particular corporate office location and who wants flexibility in their work day

Does this sound like you? If so read on…

Why did Pipeliner CRM establish the Salespreneur program?

You Have a Computer, Internet Access and a Phone – We Will Provide the Rest

  • Training on the proven Pipeliner CRM sales process
  • Access to a custom version of Pipeliner CRM optimized to help you sell Pipeliner
  • Profile of ideal target buyer & prospecting guide
  • Marketing materials, presentations, & videos
  • Opportunities to attend our networking events & contribute to our Online sales magazine
  • Onboarding & implementation of new customers
  • Technical Support
  • Ongoing customer success management

All you do is sell!

Does this describe you?

  • Experienced sales professional with a track record of success (particularly in software/SaaS)

  • Self-starter, highly motivated with passion and drive

  • Desire to be independent & personally responsible for success

  • Organized and disciplined

  • Well networked and connected

  • Relentless prospector

  • Hands-on experience using a CRM

  • Very comfortable with selling and positioning technology

  • Very comfortable selling using technology (e.g. Skype, Go-To-Meeting)

  • Experience working out of a home office

If it does, then you may qualify to become a Pipeliner CRM Salespreneur!

How the Program Works: Application

Step 1

Fill out the application below.

Step 2

We will review it and if you qualify, setup an initial screening interview.

Step 3

If you pass the interview you will be offered a place in the independent Salespreneur program.

Step 4

Once the Salespreneur agreement is signed you will move to the Onboarding phase.

How the Program Works: Onboarding

You will be required to invest 40 hours in total during 4 phases of your onboarding. This will be a blended approach that involved both self-paced learning as well as hands-on instruction.

Step 1

The Mission & Vision of Pipeliner CRM and what is different about our approach to business (4 hrs self-study).

Step 2

The Pipeliner CRM Product family (30 hrs blend of self-study, group or one-on-one hands-on instruction).

Step 3

The Pipeliner Process (2 x 1 hour hands-on instruction).

Step 4

The Pipeliner CRM Sales methodology – how to successfully sell (2 x 1 hour hands-on instruction).

For more details of the program, commission structure and support please fill out the application.

Setup Support

You will be onboarded, trained and setup just like any of our customers so you will get to experience Pipeliner from a customer as a well as a sales perspective.

Ongoing Support

You will also be supported on an ongoing basis by our management, support & customer success teams just like any other member of our team.