“When looking for a CRM, you come across multiple options, however, finding something so rich in features and yet so adaptable and configurable to your business usually requires a full staff to maintain and support. Not the case with Pipeliner, with simple training and general intuition this CRM blows many others out of the water, plus it is a fraction of the cost. Our Franchise units simply love it.”

Eduardo Pinzon, Diector of Operations, Crestcom Intl.

What business issue(s) was Crestcom Intl. looking to solve with a CRM?

  1. For us, as Franchisor we needed to have full visibility of the Area Representatives and their franchisees. However, no other CRM could provide us with that level of access.
  2. Our Franchisees needed to use a CRM that would allow them to have their own levels of hierarchy within the tool.
  3. We needed to have an easy way to aggregate dataData Data is a set of quantitative and qualitative facts that can be used as reference or inputs for computations, analyses, descriptions, predictions, reasoning and planning., create a real-time dashboard and automate processes.

How did Pipeliner CRM meet Crestcom’s business needs?

The hierarchy aspects and strong security model, yet very easy to configured allowed us to create several roles and defined those based on our franchise model. The strong reporting engine allowed us to develop a dashboard and see real-time stats that otherwise we could not get. On top of that using the Automatizer gave the chance to trigger processes that otherwise would be managed manually.

Why did you ultimately select Pipeliner CRM?

The level of features and flexibility to operate it in conjunction with a pricing structure is second to none, making it a very easy decision.

How is Pipeliner CRM helping the Crestcom team?

We now have all of our data captured in one single platform and from an operational standpoint, we can deploy updates, changes or create new fields and reports in a snap. Simply an amazing platform for us as Franchisors and for our Area Representatives and their Franchisees.

What are some of Crestcom’s favorite features?

  • Ease of configuration
  • Simple form updates and integration with the different levels of security
  • Automated processes with Automatizer

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