Pipeliner CRM: A Sustainable CRM SolutionSolution Solution is a combination of ideas, strategies, processes, technologies and services that effectively helps an organization achieve its goals or hurdle its challenges. for a Sustainable Company

Lorama Group is a strategic partnership of several companies specializing in the distribution, research, development, and manufacture of sustainable raw materials and color technology solutions for many industries. Striving for a greener tomorrow, Lorama Group works to reduce the environmental impact of their facilities, their customers, and the paint industry.

Jake Jevric is the Vice President of Lorama’s North American Division, as well as the company’s Vice President of Global MarketingMarketing Marketing is the field, set of actions, or practice of making a product or service desirable to a target consumer segment, with the ultimate aim of effecting a purchase.. Jevric was instrumental in selecting Pipeliner CRM for the company to help facilitate sales team transparency and agility.

Pipeliner is used to track and review sales activities, both from the quality and quantity dimensions

“Generally speaking, Pipeliner is used to track and review sales activities, both from the quality and quantity dimensions,” Jevric explains. “This is in terms of how many calls we are making with respect to which accounts. When we do make a call, which productProduct Product refers to anything (an idea, item, service, process or information) that meets a need or a desire and is offered to a market, usually but not always at a price. lines are we discussing, and what are the exact comments? Pipeliner captures dates of those comments so we can see quality and quantity dimensions.”

Specific Requirements

When searching for a CRM solution, Lorama had very specific requirements. “To begin with, we wanted something that was 100 percent offline ready—we can’t do web portal-type CRMs for our international team,” says Jevric.

Pipeliner CRM comes in two different versions—Pipeliner CRM Cloud Version, which is completely operational in the cloud, and Pipeliner CRM Hybrid Version, which installs on desktop and mobile devices and will function offline as well as online. For companies such as Lorama, with reps who are often operating without internet access, the choice of Pipeliner’s Hybrid Version is a natural.

Lorama Group case study

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The company has learned the importance of a sales processSales Process Sales Process is a series of strategic steps or a set of activities aimed at driving sales growth through the alignment of personnel, market insight, methodologies, relevant business units, and technology., and has developed one they follow… With a help of Pipeliner CRM.

We love the ability to pull dataData Data is a set of quantitative and qualitative facts that can be used as reference or inputs for computations, analyses, descriptions, predictions, reasoning and planning. effortlessly out of the system and structure it in a report mechanism.

A number of other CRM solutions were eliminated pretty much right away. “Some of the larger ones like Microsoft and Oracle and just too all-encompassing,” Jevric relates. “They have too much functionality. It’s daunting. Most companies don’t need all that—it’s overkill.”

Pipeliner served the remainder of Lorama’s requirements quite well. “The interplay, the speed and the interface looked fantastic,” Jevric says. “We love the ability to pull data effortlessly out of the system and structure it in a report mechanism.”

Another factor which sold Lorama on Pipeliner was its customization. “We also really liked the ability to customize the inputs we wanted—checkboxes, free-form fields and drop down menus,” Jevric adds.

For Lorama, Pipeliner rolled out easily, and administration is very part-time.


I’ve already recommended Pipeliner to others!

“The biggest overall change that Pipeliner has brought to our company is real-time transparency for management,” Jevric concludes. “For sales, it’s given them transparency but also a unified bucket of data collection so they can sort it any way they want. It brings efficiency.

“I’ve already recommended Pipeliner to others. It’s good system that’s cost-effective and functionally nimble.”

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