🎥 Pipeliner CRM Directly Contributes to Revenue for Mactech [Video Testimonial]

Pipeliner CRM certainly provides many advantages to many companies. But Luke Wittenbraker, Sales and Marketing Director for leading onsite machining company Mactech On-Site, makes the strong case that in addition to its many other benefits, Pipeliner has directly contributed to Mactech’s increase in revenue since Pipeliner’s implementation.

“Whether you believe in causation or correlation, this chart proves to me that Pipeliner has been worth it for us so far,” Wittenbraker said. “Ever since launch we have been seeing positive revenue growth in every month but October.”

2015 vs 2016Month
22%MayPipeliner Live
-8%OctoberLargest Sales Month of 2015

He added, “At the beginning of 2016 we made a goal to increase sales by 20 percent, which is a large increase for our business. As of December 1st we are at 95 percent of that lofty goal with 31 days left to go. We really owe it to Pipeliner for helping us get to where we are now.”

Pipeliner Is Still Delivering Results For Mactech in 2020

In January 2020 Luke ran a Super Bowl sales contest using Pipeliner CRM which resulted in Mactech’s best January sales results in 5 years!

The Path to Pipeliner

Mactech On-Site provides on-site machining services to a wide variety of industries, including power plants, refineries, heavy equipment repair, mining, ship building, manufacturing and others.

Earlier this year, Wittenbraker realized that he needed a much more robust solution for managing sales. “I was using one particular application and I did not like it at all,” he said. “It was more of a glorified Rolodex for our business than a CRM.”

Wittenbraker investigated and tried a long list of CRM applications, but found that most of them were too complex or had features that he and his sales reps would never use and didn’t need. “We were looking for a more simplified process,” he said. “Our employees aren’t as technologically savvy, nor do we need all the super bells and whistles with which you can integrate thousands of different widgets. I wanted to keep it really simple for our team.”

When Wittenbraker came across Pipeliner, its visual, intuitive interface immediately brought it to the top of his list. “It really caught my eye because I can get my salespeople to move something across a board to ‘won.’ I liked the ability to set up the little checkboxes of specific steps that we had within our organization, but had never really documented. It was really appealing to us.”

Value Points

One element that closed Wittenbraker and the company on Pipeliner was its value. “The price is definitely great for what you get out of it,” he said. “It’s a simplified tool, but there’s still a ton of horsepower in it. And Pipeliner is constantly upgrading it to make it better.”

As with many Pipeliner CRM customers, Wittenbraker discovered its very low cost of onboarding. “Everyone else says they can move all your data, or build out your CRM system for 50 or 70 thousand dollars, or you have to go hire a consultant. I’m not a developer by any means, but with a little bit of training from Pipeliner’s technical team, and just a little bit of tinkering with the system, it’s easy to pick up real quick so there’s no huge investment into some giant development cost.”

Training on Pipeliner was easy as well. “The learning curve was easy for me and pretty straightforward for our sales team,” he said. “When we onboard people now, they can walk over to someone’s desk and look over someone’s shoulder. That person can give them a little bit of a training session.”

A Real Sales Tool

“Pipeliner really helps people sell,” Wittenbraker continued. “In our case, it helps our operations team who have a harder sales path. It’s not always just a matter of, ‘Here’s product A for solution B.’ There might be some engineering or recommendations from some of our engineers or operations managers that have to go in, so you need to pause at that point in the sales process and have someone else work on it. That used to require having someone look over an email chain and provide an answer. Now they can just go to the opportunity in Pipeliner and put their recommendation into the system.”

No Longer Losing Deals

A principal benefit that Wittenbraker and his team have found in Pipeliner is the ability to easily track all opportunities. “Pipeliner makes it easy for my sales people to follow along, and makes it easy for me to know if they’re skipping steps or not doing them. They can just say, ‘Yes, I have done that,’ check the box and move on to the next step.”

This has solved a major selling problem. “One of our big issues before was we would send out quotes, and we’d remember the important ones. But  some of the smaller ones or the ones we thought might not close were just sent out into the wind. If the customer responded back, great, but if not, they just left our sales system and were never heard from again.

“Now when we send out a quote, we have Pipeliner configured to set up an activity or task for each salesperson to continue to sell and contact that person until it’s either closed or lost. None of our quoted business is going untouched.”

Biggest Impact

For Wittenbraker, the most profound impact Pipeliner has had is in the sales process. “It has made us analyze our own sales process,” he explained. “We had steps in our sales process but we had never really thought about them. Then the steps within the steps are also very important and constantly changing in our system.

“Pipeliner has helped us understand how much value we have in each step. One of my favorite things to do is to sit there and look at how many dollars are quoted and how many dollars aren’t quoted. Now let’s set a filter and look at the opportunities that have the most value that have been in there the shortest amount of time and see if we can close them. I love how the data that goes into it can be swizzled and filtered and pivot-tabled any way you want it, and reports can be created.”

“The data to me is the most powerful part about it,” Wittenbraker concluded. “Being able to see why you lost and make changes or plan to make changes for next year is great.”