Learn From The Past – Predict and Influence the Future!

With Pipeliner CRM you can define an array of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and have them instantly and dynamically available to you. No other system provides so much intelligent insight in such easy to interpret visual formats.

While most systems just look backwards, Pipeliner CRM allows you to assess both Leading and Lagging indicators of success. You can review current pipeline trends, adjust focus or redeploy resources to ensure current forecasts are met or you can learn from the past, review and then update processes, skills and tactics.

Velocity if one great example of a KPI that can immediately tell you how your sales process is performing and where there maybe opportunities to speed-up sales cycles or reduce drop-off at particular stages of the process. With Pipeliner you can not only see the overall velocity of your sales cycles but the individual velocity of every stage which is more important and useful to know.

Forecasting is critical to any organization in order to minimize such risks as cash flow, inventory and resource management and Pipeliner provides the most robust reporting engine available today to allow you to quickly view key pipeline data. This allows you to always have an early warning system so there are no surprises and the ability to action in time to influence the outcome.

Use our unique insights feature to visually review the performance of regions, teams, right down to individuals. Using indicators such as lead creation, lead conversion, wins and losses you can quickly see whether things are improving or deteriorating over a period of time – or even whether performance appears to be cyclical.

Whatever you identify as key for your business to track, Pipeliner CRM makes it easy and visual for you to do so. You won’t find another system that is as versatile as it is effective.

Take the guess out of your work with Pipeliner CRM!