Sales CRM Admin Module – with its color coding, drag n drop features

Simple, Non-Tech Admin

  • Putting administration back in the hands of end users

  • No expensive administrators or certifications

  • Sales Managers & those supporting sales teams know best how CRM should be setup

  • This is why Pipeliner developed visual, intuitive, drag n drop, simple non-tech admin

  • Anyone can quickly learn to use the Admin Module

  • Color coding, drag n drop features

  • Easy userUser User means a person who uses or consumes a product or a service, usually a digital device or an online service. rights management

  • Administering Pipeliner rarely a full time job

  • Huge time and cost savings

Adjust, tweak or update your version of Pipeliner CRM
Pipeliner’s Automation Hub
  • Quickly adjust, tweak or update your version of Pipeliner CRM

  • Automation Hub makes integrating with other systems straightforward

  • Simply select systems you want to activate an integration with

  • Plus built-in Admin Help & Guidance is always there to support you!

  • Pipeliner CRM is Configuration, Administration & Integration made easy

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