All About Activities!

An in-depth look at Pipeliner's capabilities including "Customizing Activity Types, Fields, Views & Profiles", "Best Practice Sales Process Activities", "Intelligent Scheduling with Automatizer", "Standard, Pivot, and Advanced Reporting on Activities" and "Activities with Integrations"


Your First Pipeline

Pipelines hold the steps/stages of your sales process (or any process). Pipelines can be used for the pre-sales process, sales process, post-sales process, implementation process, fulfilment process, customer services process, new hire process and so much more.


BI Feeder

The BI Feeder allows you to export Pipeliner data to a PostgreSQL that you can access directly using your Business Intelligence solution.


Introduction to AUTOMATIZER!

Graphically build your organization’s processes into Pipeliner, Streamline your workflows and empower your teams working with Pipeliner, Automate repetitive tasks and communications, Build both organizational & personal automated processes


Reporting for Sales Management

An in-depth look at Pipeliner's capabilities including "Five Opportunity Reporting Views", "Pivot & Advanced & Forecast Reports", "Leading & Lagging Indicators", "New BI Feeder › Seeing your Pipeliner data in Google Data Source & Microsoft Power BI".


All About Email!

An in-depth look at Pipeliner's email capabilities including "Email Integration (Outlook & Gmail)", "Pipeliner mass and individual Emails", "Automatizer Emails".


Using the Power Panel

The Power Panel is a place in Pipeliner where you can modify the things you see in your current view. Learn how to use it properly.