? All About Activities!

An in-depth look at Pipeliner's capabilities including "Customizing Activity Types, Fields, Views & Profiles", "Best Practice Sales Process Activities", "Intelligent Scheduling with Automatizer", "Standard, Pivot, and Advanced Reporting on Activities" and "Activities with Integrations"


Your First Pipeline

Pipelines hold the steps/stages of your sales process (or any process). Pipelines can be used for the pre-sales process, sales process, post-sales process, implementation process, fulfilment process, customer services process, new hire process and so much more.


BI Feeder

The BI Feeder allows you to export Pipeliner data to a PostgreSQL that you can access directly using your Business Intelligence solution.


? Introduction to AUTOMATIZER!

Graphically build your organization’s processes into Pipeliner, Streamline your workflows and empower your teams working with Pipeliner, Automate repetitive tasks and communications, Build both organizational & personal automated processes


? Reporting for Sales Management

An in-depth look at Pipeliner's capabilities including "Five Opportunity Reporting Views", "Pivot & Advanced & Forecast Reports", "Leading & Lagging Indicators", "New BI Feeder › Seeing your Pipeliner data in Google Data Source & Microsoft Power BI".


? All About Email!

An in-depth look at Pipeliner's email capabilities including "Email Integration (Outlook & Gmail)", "Pipeliner mass and individual Emails", "Automatizer Emails".