Contract + Document Management with PandaDoc in Pipeliner CRM

Never lose track of important documentation again. In Pipeliner CRM, connect the documents to any deal in your pipeline.


Use PandaDoc with Pipeliner CRM and give every sales representative a one-stop shop for all documents, especially contracts that need to be executed. You can track when recipients open documents you send to them, and when an eSignature is applied. It’s an efficient way to manage your documents in one place.

Key Features

How to Integrate PandaDoc with Pipeliner CRM
PandaDoc Contact
PandaDoc Contact

  • Collaborate, send, track and get signatures on any document, making contract management easy.
  • Use seamlessly with Google Docs (also integrated into Pipeliner CRM).
  • Dozens of free business templates from the PandaDoc library.
  • Import and sync Pipeliner CRM contacts with contacts in PandaDoc (automatically updated every 30-40 minutes).

    • Contracts and Documents live on the Pipeliner CRM contact record.