Create, Save & Track Your PandaDoc Proposals From Inside Pipeliner CRM

Creating proposals is an integral part of sales and usually, a laborious task that requires working outside your CRM. Now with the new PandaDoc integration for Pipeliner, you can save time and continue working right there in the CRM application.

Activating the PandaDoc integration is a simple as clicking a button and then you can immediately start realizing all the time saving and efficiency benefits of having proposals as part of your CRM workflow.

Now when you want to create a proposal you can immediately pull information directly from Pipeliner and populate the proposal or any other PandaDoc document you are using. To make it even more efficient Products can be populated from Pipeliner Opportunity into the PandaDoc Quote!

Plus you can save the proposal or document to whatever Pipeliner entity you choose (Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity) so it is easily accessible when you need to refer to it.

This makes document management efficient and easy!

Plus you and your customers can eSign the documents or proposals and again it is all logged and saved in Pipeliner CRM – this means you always have the relevant documents related to a customer or prospect stored alongside all the other relevant customer information.

This full native integration enables business professionals to quickly and easily synchronize any data between platforms to improve workflow efficiency.

Integration Developer

Pipeliner CRM

This is a direct integration developed by Pipeliner.

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