Proposals and Quotes for Sales CRM

About PandaDoc

PandaDoc is all-in-one proposal software designed to help sales teams close more deals faster. The software allows users to create, send, track, and eSign beautiful proposals and quotes that streamline most sales workflows. PandaDoc won the Expert’s Choice Award and Great User Experience Award in 2018.

PandaDoc supports many document types like PDFs and Word Docs allowing you to convert your existing docs into dynamic and interactive proposals, quotes, contracts, and agreements.

The tool also offers a custom content library which you can fill with photos, videos, battle cards, and other marketing collateral to aid the sales team. Finance, legal, and operations departments can benefit from PandaDoc too with features like payments, content locking, signing orders, auto reminders, custom workspaces, and more.

To summarize, PandaDoc automates the routine and mundane tasks for sales teams of any size. Track and measure every sales doc you send from a centralized dashboard and the robust reporting allows you to continually improve your sales process and increase your close rate.

PandaDoc Integration with Pipeliner CRM

Business professionals that want to integrate PandaDoc with Pipeliner CRM like that Pipeliner’s native integration give them the power to sync all data, connect deeply, and configure flexible workflows. With Pipeliner, organizations can:

  • Create custom workflows
  • Receive hands-on support for ensured success

See how Pipeliner’s enterprise-scale API integration platform can transform your business. Request a demo today of PandaDoc integration and automation.

Integration Developer

Pipeliner CRM

This is a direct integration, developed as part of Pipeliner CRM Google Suite.


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