Lifecycle Marketing + Pipeliner = More Closed Business

By scoring leads and customers, sales has instant visibility to where and how to spend their time each day.

About Lifecycle Marketing by Right On Interactive Engagement + Relationships = Revenue

Right On Interactive’s Lifecycle Marketing solution empowers sales organizations to know exactly where a prospect or customer is in their relationship with a brand—from prospect to raving fan—and supplies the automation tools to move them from stage to stage.

Pipeliner CRM and Right On Interactive Integration – Key Features

  • Convert more top of the funnel leads to qualified opportunities – Anonymous and Identified Visitor reports are emailed to the sales team each day so they can see who has visited the company website in the last 24 hours. Going into the contact record in Pipeliner, they can see specifically the pages they’ve viewed and areas of content interest.
  • Sales reps achieve and exceed quota – Utilize the sum engagement score to understand when a prospect is really ready to buy. Over time, your company will recognize the “average sum engagement score” at the closed won stage. This helps to paint a true opportunity funnel picture.
  • Improve close cycle – By utilizing both profile and engagement scoring, sales reps can see who is in the market to buy vs. those that still need to be nurtured. By focusing on the best prospects, sales teams are spending their time and energy with pre-qualified prospects. This allows new sales reps to ramp quicker.
  • Upsell existing customers – Providing visibility to customer engagement touch points such as email opens and clicks, website activity and social media activity allows sales reps and account managers to see the customers who are raising their hand with interest. Your most engaged customers are those that are positioned for an upsell or cross-sell opportunity.
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