6 Sins of Sales: Who, What, When, Why, Where, hoW

This white paper consists of 6 sins that salespeople should avoid at all cost. Of course we also cover how to avoid them, and the exact actions to take to make sure they never occur at all.

Why is it important to avoid these sins? It’s quite simple: Because you want to sell, and win more sales than you lose! We want that for you, too.

We have categorized these sins by the 6 W’s: Who, What, When, Why, Where, hoW.


The first sin of sales falls under Who. The first question any company needs to ask is, “Who is my buyer?” And the first sin is trying to sell to the wrong buyer, or someone who isn’t a buyer at all.


The What of a sale is the product or service. Hence the sin of What would be attempting to sell the wrong product for that potential customer.


Trying to push the wrong timeframe becomes the next sin, that of When. Once you know Who the buyer is, and you are certain of What to sell them, it then becomes a question of When to sell it to them.


The Why of selling comes about by the seller discovering why a buyer would buy that product or service. The sin comes about through a failure to discover why a prospect didn’t purchase. This Why lies in the mindset of the buyer.


The sin of Where doesn’t, in this case, deal with a location. It deals with where your prospect stands in their own process, and your address of the prospect in relation to where they are in that process. Your failure to understand precisely where they are is the sin that can almost immediately lose you a sale


The sin of hoW deals with how you are selling. No matter what sales methodology you use, there are factors that must be part of it that today you cannot do without.

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