6 Deadly Sins of CRM

From CRM Coming Back from the Dead: CRM in the Digital Revolution
by Nikolaus Kimla

Problematic Issue

There is an issue that is becoming ever more problematic when it comes to the sheer volume of solutions out there. There are many thousands of applications a company can avail itself of. Companies attempt to play it smart hunt out the “best of breed” for such applications—but in so doing they find the financial outlay to be considerable. Then when a company purchases them or subscribes to the SaaS, it becomes even more expensive because these solutions require regular updates.

In my opinion, the industry is headed for considerable risk because of this. A company can buy yet another app to address just about any problem, which means mounting costs. On the other hand, vendors cannot make such solutions too cheap, else they themselves won’t survive.

Rist Factor

The risk factor is that some of the applications aren’t bad—but if left to stand alone they couldn’t survive. They themselves depend on other applications because they are too specialized. If you have too many specialized apps in a company, not only is it a financial problem but one of complexity.

I believe that in the next 2 years companies will be advised to cut down on the volume and complexity of such applications. CRM solutions such as ours are stepping in to pick up the slack.

Additionally, as we move into the future, any CRM solution to survive must avoid these 6 deadly sins.

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