CRM at the Forefront of B2B Sales Strategies

One of the best ways CRM technology can be a tool for salespeople is through visibility—easily seeing and understanding customer accounts and relationships. This allows a sales representative to build, grow, and maintain the right level of customer service. CRM attempts to build a 360-degree view of each customer to discover the customer´s needs, meet those needs effectively and in a timely way, discover opportunities for cross selling and upselling, expand current customer relationships, and improve competitive positioning. Drawing different data points from each part of the company as well as outside the firm enables organizations to gain a holistic view of each customer. CRM technology can aid in the process of creating visibility into an account.

Users can gain visibility into the behavior and views of the customer by having account information all in one place. When data is easy to view and analyze, it gives sales managers and others immediate visibility into what is happening. This increased visibility enables sales managers to support salespeople and allows sales teams to communicate more effectively, resulting in more effective sales strategies and better customer service.

CRM systems assemble and organize all customer information in one place in an easy accessible manner for salespeople to view, analyze, and act on. Instead of shifting through call logs and different databases, CRM tools (e.g., a centralized dashboard), showcase each client account for salespeople to view, interpret, and act.

The rise and growth of the CRM (customer relationship management) industry aims to make the customer relationship management task easier and more efficient for salespeople. CRM offers huge potential to empower salespeople to perform their jobs better, resulting in greater company-wide successes.

In this case study, you’ll learn how Juniper Systems, Inc. and Integrated Systems, Inc. utilized Pipeliner CRM for their customer-centric strategies and philosophies to build and maintain the best relationships with the right clients.

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