How Pipeliner CRM Benefits your Business

Pipeliner CRM brings a whole new level of consistency and predictability to your business.

We Visualize Everything

Instant Intelligence—Visualized

Pipeliner uses a visual and intuitive interface to keep the focus on productivity and effectiveness – providing a precise and empowering Navigator, one-click reports, comprehensive charts, drag-and-drop Sales Pipeline, graphical Task Board, visual Org charts and Buying Center, and much more. All the information you need, and all insights and navigation, are totally visualized to save your time and to help you get the most out of your CRM.

Fast Onboarding and Implementation

With Pipeliner’s visual and intuitive interface, you can configure your system, import data, and train users in a matter of days. Many companies have found that they were able to onboard Pipeliner CRM without any assistance, simply by using our context-sensitive help. Still, if needed, rapid, expert help is available from our support team for any phase of Pipeliner CRM implementation.

Fast Onboarding and Implementation
Pipeliner Navigator

Pipeliner Navigator

Pipeliner has moved well beyond the concept of a standard CRM dashboard to far more targeted and innovative ways of delivering instant intelligence to the user. Includes 5 basic powerful components, all in a single view: Activity Stream, Target Overview, Notifications, Suggestions and Business Overview. Along with Pipeliner’s advanced filtering and profiling capabilities, Navigator immediately helps the user cut out the noise, easily navigate complexity and focus immediately on what is most important.

Features Not Available Elsewhere

Pipeliner includes many unique features such as Navigator, Performance Insights, visual Task Board and instant one-click reports that you won't find anywhere else. Additionally, we include other features such as Org Charts and Visual Buying Center that, with other CRM applications, you would have to pay extra for, or purchase from third-parties. With Pipeliner, you get these features right out of the box.

Benefit from Features
Sales Performance Insights

Sales Performance Management

With Pipeliner Performance Insights you can instantly see how sales is performing using using five Key Performance Indicators: Deal Created, Deals Converted, Lost Deals, Value of Won Deals, and Value of Lost Deals. (You can even see your own results and see how well you are performing). It’s easy to compare the performance of your salespeople—simply select the KPIs that you are interested in, and turn on the graph view for the individuals or sales units you want to compare.

Reports – No Admin Needed!

To use Pipeliner reports there are no admins, no coding skills and no support needed. To start with, Pipeliner provides 1-click reporting available in whatever view or filter you happen to be on. You can immediately generate an on-demand Management Report, save it, and recreate it at any time.  In addition, Pipeliner provides management reports, Visual Sales KPI reports, and a host of other powerful reporting capabilities—all easily created and utilized by any user.

Reports – No Admin Needed!
Benefits of Pipeliner Mobile CRM

New CRM Mobile—Pipeliner on the Go

With the breakthrough release of Pipeliner Automata, we have developed a brand new mobile version, bringing the most essential Pipeliner features to your iOS or Android Smartphone.

A CRM That Actually Supports You!

Pipeliner was developed to empower salespeople and sales managers—not weigh sales reps down with data entry and provide a complex and difficult-to-use application for managers. Just listen to our customers—Pipeliner means smooth navigation of today’s sales complexity for all concerned.

With its breakthrough Navigator functionalityPipeliner CRM moves far beyond the standard concept of a CRM dashboard. We have brought more focused and innovative ways of bringing instant intelligence to to all users, no matter their function in the organization.

Pipeliner Navigator Dashboard

Pipeliner Performance Insights visually displays five Key Performance Indicators to enable you to track and performance manage territories, teams, and individual salespeople.

Performance Insights

Pipeliner CRM´s 3D Timeline gives you yet another view of your opportunities, graphically providing the most relevant aspects of every deal.

Bubble Chart

You can now compare values of any numeric field in Pipeliner to previous period. Including the fields you yourself create allowing you to gain powerful insights from different KPIs.

Insights My Results

Visual Relationship Mapping with Pipeliner Buying Center can help you to identify budget holders, influencers, gatekeepers and even naysayers.

Buying Center

Hierarchy Mapping - Pipeliner CRM Org Chart is fully interconnected with Buying Center to provide all available information at a glance.

Org Chart

A Task Board lets you display activities in a drag-and-drop workflow, so it´s easy to keep your finger on the pulse of your opportunities.

Task Board

Multiple (unlimited) Pipelines means you can define different processes for different types of sales such as Telephone Sales, Field Sales, Account Management, or Territories and move Opportunities between one another.

Multiple Pipelines

Sales Archive for Ongoing Insights - Even when the deal is lost, the Archive saves all the information so you can understand your wins and losses.


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