Pipeliner CRM’s Built-In Help

We make our Help functionality as friendly as possible—by building it right into Pipeliner.

Pipeliner’s Help Is Built Into the Product

The Help functions with a software app can be problematic. In the old days, you had to leaf through a thick, hard-copy manual. Later on it was a little better—help was available electronically. But you still had to scroll through it, find what you were looking for, and then relate it back to the app.

Our own experience with application help prior to Pipeliner is exactly what inspired us to create the totally unique built-in Help functionality we have in the product today.

You can access Help from any feature in the software, and a Help screen about that feature appears. “Hot spots” are embedded throughout – click and an explanation of that particular functionality (where that “hot spot” was located) will then show up on the right-hand side.

Greatly Reduces User Training

Our Built-In Help improves the effectiveness of (and time spent on) user training. For many features, a user can simply go to that feature in Pipeliner, select Help from the Tab Menu and learn all about it themselves. This is also handy if a user forgets some of the training they received. They can just select Help about any feature – and always be able to refresh their knowledge.

Other Helpful Tools

From the Help menu at the bottom right of any Pipeliner screen, you can also access:

  • About Pipeliner – General information about the product, its purpose, and its uses
  • Getting Started – A “Quick Start Guide” to get any user off the ground
  • What’s New? – A tour of the latest version and features
  • Contact Support  A form to contact Pipeliner Support without having to leave your CRM

Product Feedback – Leave product feedback on our Forum page 

More Ways to Access Help

Another way to access Help is through the Home icon button in any Help screen. This will give you an index of all the Help topics available.

Bonus Features

Our Help efforts aren’t limited to our product. In the Help Index, you can access our Sales Playbook. Here you will find explanations about basic selling tactics and how Pipeliner can support you.


Built-in HELP