Multiple Reasons for Multiple Pipelines

Given the different types of sales and salespeople as well as all the ancillary roles and processes such as customer success and lead qualification more and more companies are seeing the need to manage these as separate processes/pipelines.

Multiple Processes

In some companies, the sale could be made first by direct sales and then upsold by professional services. In another example, some companies might require different sales processes for different products or service lines.

Other examples could include:

  • a pre-sales process, designed to nurture leads and heat them up for actual prime-time sales
  • a sales process, which is the main sales pipeline for the company
  • a customer process, for upselling and sales of future products to existing customers, and for making them into evangelists

Outside of Sales

Additionally you would most likely find in any company:

  • a separate process for support—into which a support ticket comes, which exits at the other end when completed
  • distinctly separate processes for installation or, for a service, integration of the service

Throughout a company, there can be many other separate processes, too. As examples:

  • Accounts receivable—tied right into a company’s sales process or processes
  • Inventory control—which could also be tied right in with primary sales processes
  • Supply chain management—for any company that is manufacturing-based or which depends upon outside suppliers

If, as with traditional CRM applications, the solution only allows a single pipeline for sales, then all of these other processes would have to be addressed with other applications. They would have to be separately accessed every time they were needed. It is far more efficient for all of these processes to be collectively addressed within the company’s CRM solution.


Due to this vital business requirement today, Pipeliner CRM allows you as many processes as are needed by your company—all connected to a single database. Opportunities, customers, accounts or other data can be moved from one process to another, whole and intact. Additionally all of this data can be interconnected as needed, regardless of what process it is part of.

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