The Pipeline View - The Most Important Screen in Sales

The most important feature of any CRM is its interface. When an interface is non-intuitive, showing rows and columns of numbers like a spreadsheet, it is then left to the user to visualize the actual pipeline, and opportunity progress within it.

Pipeliner’s mission is to take this visualization out of the imagination and into the real world—and this mission is directly reflected in the Pipeline View. It is a totally visual view of an entire pipeline, replacing the need for toggling between different screens, as found in many other CRM applications.

Pipeliner CRM Opportunity Tracking in Your Sales Process

Drag-and-drop your Sales Opportunities from one Stage to another

Track, Manage and analyze your Opportunities and your Sales Pipeline in one screen

Visual Sales Pipeline gives you instant overview of your business

The View

In the Pipeline View you have a graphic representation of your sales process, with its distinct sales stages. Within each sales stage you can instantly see exactly where each opportunity lies, along with how long it’s been there, if it’s overdue, its chances of coming in, and numerous other factors.

If you mouse over any opportunity you can gain a Quick View—showing value, ranking, close date, recent and upcoming activity, and more. In a similar way you can mouse over any sales stage for a summary of that stage, including total value, number of opportunities, average time in step, and more.

Movement of opportunities between stages is a snap—simply drag and drop opportunities from one stage to the next.


For instant reference, you can label opportunities so that priorities are instantly viewed:

  • Focus—this is a top priority lead or opportunity that should be worked right away
  • Hot—this is a hot lead or opportunity that should be worked as buyer is very active
  • Stalled—The opportunity is stuck from the buyer point of view.


To the right of the screen, always in view, is the Dynamic Target. It is a constant reflection of your up-to-the-minute progress in any given sales period, and can be utilized in 5 different target views. The Dynamic Target can also be customized to take different views of the pipeline for analysis and forecasting.

Sales Step Quick View

There is crucial data that applies to each of your sales steps. As with many other Pipeliner features, we have reduced it to a powerful, visual simplicity with the Sales Step Quick View.

In this view, you can see:

  • Open vs. Lost--showing you the total value of the deals in that stage, as well as the value of deals that have been lost in that stage.
  • Drop-Off Rate--Shows you the average percentage of deals that drop off in this stage.
  • Average Days in Step--Shows you how long a deal is remaining in that sales step.
  • Ready to Move--Shows you the number of deals that are ready to move to the next sales step.
  • You also have the number of velocity issues, and can click through and see those.

Location and Focus Assistance

As a shortcut to locating important accounts, you can access "Recently Opened" and view the accounts you have been active with, the most-recent first. You can also mark specific accounts as “Favorites”—just like you can with a web browser—so they can be easily found again.

If you are a manager and wish to focus on a particular rep or territory, click on the “gear” icon in the upper right. You'll then be able to view the progress and the results for that entity only.


Unique to Pipeliner CRM, the Archive is where your lost deals are stored. The Archive is constructed exactly like your live sales pipeline so that you can see in which stage a particular deal was lost, along with all its data. If it should happen to come back to life, an archived opportunity can be restored with a single click.

Multiple Pipelines

We enable you to create as many Pipelines as your business needs (for example Inside Sales, Field Sales, Account Management, Product Sales, or Services). All pipelines operate from a single database, but each Pipeline can have its own sales process, number of sales stages and whatever other parameters you want to adjust.

Compact View

With the Compact View feature you can, at a glance, view the last time a prospect was touched, the sales opportunities that involve them, and activity from their running feed (latest internal messages, social CRM updates or emails).

The Compact View can also be applied to leads and opportunities

List View

In the List View, you can see your leads or opportunities in a column/row format, customizable for your particular needs.

Pipeliner Bubble Chart
Pipeliner CRM List View
Sales Stages Quick View