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Lead Management - Your Constant Path to Tomorrow's Opportunities

In sales, it always comes back to leads. They are the very foundation of any sales activity.

There is always a sales quota to be made. That quota will not happen without adequate opportunities—and the opportunities won't happen without adequate leads.

Leads don't come cheap, and we at Pipeliner know how precious they are! For that reason we have made visual, intuitive lead management one of Pipeliner's premier functions.

Entering the Pipeline

Leads can be entered into Pipeliner manually, imported through .CSV files, or automatically imported from web forms.

In Pipeliner CRM's Pipeline View, leads have their own section, in which they can be readily seen, assigned and qualified. Leads can be taken by assigned reps, qualified and then moved along the pipeline (converted into opportunities), sent back to Marketing or Sales Development Reps (SDRs) for further nurturing, or archived. Leads are easily dragged and dropped within Pipeliner CRM.

Once the lead becomes an opportunity, it is scored and ranked according to its chances of closing. The lead-become-opportunity will then show up in every Pipeliner reporting and opportunity tracking function. It will remain plainly visible to the rep until it is a won or lost deal.

Any lead or opportunity that is archived will keep all its relevant data intact. If at any time the lead or opportunity comes back to life, it can be reactivated with a single click.


With Pipeliner we make management of your sales activity visual and easy to follow - keep your eyes on winning the opportunity.

Leads are easily dragged and dropped within Pipeliner CRM

Qualify the Leads as they enter your Sales Pipeline

Archive Leads and reactivate them as needed

Moving Through the Pipeline

No two companies are alike—and the sales pipeline (sales process) for any company is unique to that company. The company will have worked out how a lead is qualified, and then how it becomes an opportunity and moves through the process until it is won.

We have made Pipeliner CRM extremely flexible so it can be tailored to a company's exact processes. Sales stages can be easily customized, and then changed if needed.

When leads come into the pipeline and are qualified, they are then moved to the first sales stage. From that point forward, they follow the successful path of further qualification and sales activities that your company has laid out.

You can even make the various tasks and activities within lead and opportunity management required—that is, the lead or opportunity cannot be moved until certain steps are achieved.

Compact View

Pipeliner Phaenomena version 7.5 brought a feature called Compact View. With this feature you can, at a glance, view the last time a prospect was touched, the sales opportunities that involve them, and activity from their running feed (latest internal messages, social CRM updates or emails)

The Compact View has now been expanded to be applied to leads as well with this new Pipeliner Collection release.

List View

With Pipeliner’s Collection release, we have made our List View feature available for leads. You can see your leads in a column/row format, customizable for your particular needs.

Companies that excel at lead management generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost.

- Penton Marketing Services

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Lead Management Overview