Powerful, Visual Sales Activity Management

A salesperson’s day is basically composed of end-to-end tasks and activities. In fact, a single sales cycle is often made up of many emails, meetings and tasks. When you have a lot of opportunities in progress, it can become quite overwhelming to track all of the activities involved.

For that reason Pipeliner CRM brings its powerful visual functionality to task and activity management —streamlining and making the most out of a salesperson’s time. Salespeople are always informed of what to do next, and can update task statuses, comment and collaborate all in one place.

  • Drag & Drop Activities Task Board that visually displays your daily tasks and which are integrated with emails, social interactions and reminders
  • Sharable Tasks and Activities that make the progress of entire team transparent which makes managing and delegating tasks simple and efficient
  • Task Management Filter that gives you option to search and filter your tasks and opportunities easily
  • Activity 1:N allows you to attach the same activity to multiple accounts, one or more opportunities or anywhere it applies.
Pipeliner Task Board

Activity 1:N - save more time, attach one activity to multiple accounts, contacts, leads or opportunities.

Appointment Planner - check a current time in your prospect time zone and plan wisely your meetings.

Create a Recurring Task to avoid repetitive maintenance and save more time again!

Automatic Task Creation

Pipeliner also saves time through automatic task creation as you move an opportunity into the next sales pipeline stage. When an opportunity is moved to a new stage, a pre-defined list of tasks is suggested to the user. The user can accept, edit or reject the tasks.

You can also make tasks or activities mandatory so that they must be completed before an opportunity is moved forward.

Additionally Pipeliner assists productivity by

  • Making it possible to create and set recurring tasks
  • Ability to set a default duration for appointments
  • Making it possible to check the time zone of prospect or customer when setting an appointment 

Sales tasks and activities are made totally manageable by salespeople and sales management alike through Pipeliner’s instant intelligence, visualized.


Activity Management - Create Activity
Activity Management - Appointment Planner